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OVA Completed 19 min. per ep.


Miho Saegusa, the beautiful daughter of a tea ceremony master, is currently teaching at a prestigious school. Miho, who is well respected by the students, gets engaged to Okazaki, the son of a school board member and a colleague.

One of her students, Michiru Tayama, who knows about it, schemes to humiliate Miho because she was suspended from school for having a sexual relationship with her boyfriend. Michiru sets up Miho’s fiancé Okazaki and takes advantage of Miho by blackmailing her.

The female teacher who is bewildered by the clumsy and unacceptable conditions, has no choice but to comply.

Miho’s true nature is exposed under the reality of her lewdness and madness…

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Japanese 磔(ハリツケ) Synonyms The Crucifixion Source Manga Total Episode 2 Released: Apr 24, 2020 to Jul 3, 2020 Studio Producers

List Episode Anime Haritsuke

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