Mahou Shoujo Isuka
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Mahou Shoujo Isuka

OVA Completed 30 min. per ep.


The hentai video “Mahou Shoujo Isuka” maded in a fantasy style and will tell us about some Devil’s Stone, which his force captured almost half of the world and turned it into a living hell. But one bad day, this bringer of evil and destruction stone was defeated by powerful mages who decided to make this stone in the frail body of a young girl-sorceress named Isuka, where he could get out only in one case – if the girl’s body will be committed abuse. All the evil creatures start chasing this young and beautiful girl. Having caught her, they raped her for only one purpose – that the stone got loose. You can watch hentai online for free in high quality!

Anime Detail

Japanese 魔法少女イスカ Synonyms Magical Girl Isuka Source Visual novel Total Episode 3 Released: Apr 24, 2010 to Aug 26, 2011 Studio Producers

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