Princess Lover! OVA
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Princess Lover! OVA

OVA Completed 27 min. per ep.


After his parents are killed in an accident, Teppei Kobayashi is adopted by his grandfather, Isshin Arima. After taking his grandfather’s name, Teppei is made the heir to the Arima Financial Combine, one of the leading forces in the Japanese industry. As befits the heir to an industrial empire, he is enrolled in one of Japan’s most prestigious international schools.

There, Teppei finds himself surrounded by women of noble bearing and status. He quickly falls for Sylvia van Hossen, a European princess and fencing master. But Sylvia is aloof and difficult to read, and his maid, Yuu Fujikura, seems to have her own agenda. Will Teppei become the Princess Lover, or is his romance with Sylvia destined for failure?

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Japanese プリンセスラバー! OVA Synonyms Kimi to Isshou no Asa Source Visual novel Total Episode 2 Released: Sep 17, 2010 to Oct 22, 2010 Studio Producers ,

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