Kafun Shoujo Chuuihou! The Animation Episode 1

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Kafun Shoujo Chuuihou! The Animation
Kafun Shoujo Chuuihou! The Animation / Posted by streamhentai / 3 years ago
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Kafun Shoujo Chuuihou! The Animation
7.09 /

Kafun Shoujo Chuuihou! The Animation

OVA Completed 28 min. per ep.


As the season changes to spring and flowers begin to bloom, there is one thing humanity looks toward in dread. Yes, the ever troublesome pollen allergy season has come to defile its victims once more, but it's not their noses that are being blown. Through the miracles of evolution, the reproductive process of plants no longer yield the tiny yellow grains that stimulate the nose. Instead, they now produce beautiful girls and boys that float joyfully through the air, stimulating other areas of the body instead, whether willing or not. Moans of ecstasy and frenzy reverberate across the world from those desperate to seek relief from their relief. Although the streets run white with bodily fluids, people are far from relieved of their sexual troubles; fortunately, it is the perfect time to search for solutions! Inspiration can be found around every corner as encounters with the pollinic beings expose both hidden feelings and alluring physicality. Regardless of the climax that each person reaches, one thing is for sure—no amount of tissues will be enough for this allergy season.


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