Newmanoid Cam: Cam Castin Episode 1

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Newmanoid Cam: Cam Castin
Newmanoid Cam: Cam Castin / Posted by streamhentai / 4 years ago
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Newmanoid Cam: Cam Castin
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Newmanoid Cam: Cam Castin

OVA Completed 15 min.


Hentai "Newmanoid Cam: Cam Castin" tells an unusual story about an artificially created girl-humanoid that carries out the work of the police at the station. Such as it is, was created specifically to help the police, because the crime rate skyrocketed. After some time, these girls started calling numanoid. This story tells of a young girl numanoid, whose name is Kam and she has only just started its work and still does not know all the fears and atrocities of this world. Her first problem was the gang of teenagers that have started over it to scoff. You can watch online this hentai with English subs for free!


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