Swing Out Sisters (2014) Episode 1

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Swing Out Sisters (2014)
Swing Out Sisters (2014) / Posted by streamhentai / 3 years ago
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Swing Out Sisters (2014)
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Swing Out Sisters (2014)

OVA Completed 1 hr. 20 min.


Yuuta has always been close to his elder sisters, Chiyo and Chinatsu. The only man in the house, he falls in love with the caring and affectionate Chiyo; with her well-endowed body and love of cosplay, she gives her brother everything an adolescent boy could dream of. Envious of her siblings' intimate relationship, Chinatsu soon steps in, seeking Yuuta's attention. As a strong-willed and dominant tomboy, she is the exact opposite of Chiyo and starts picking on him and making aggressive sexual advances. With the situation at home changing dramatically, the siblings must find a way to sort out both their private and school lives and establish a compromise between conflicting interests.


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