Hasande Ageru
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Hasande Ageru

OVA Completed 20 min. per ep.


Part 1
“Go buy me lunch at the bakery!” She yelled at her classmate. Sheepishly he agreed but said she was being a bit harsh and his classmate agreed. Little did everyone know that this was just an excuse for them to meet up in the bathroom for extracuricular activities and so that he would stop masturbating in the classroom…
Part 2
My girlfriend has a sweet tooth…and after she has her fill she tries to use me as a tool to burn off calories…by having sex… I’m starting to get a little worn out from the constant daily sessions…

Anime Detail

Japanese はさんであげる Source Total Episode 2 Released: Aug 28, 2018 to Oct 26, 2018 Studio Producers

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