Marriage Blue
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Marriage Blue

OVA Completed 30 min.


This is a story about Sayaka and Masaharu, college juniors, who are about to get married together. Everyone knows Sayaka to be a conservative woman and is saving sex for after marriage. However, Kaneko-senpai, considered to be a reliable senior by Masaharu, has other plans to change Kudou’s mindset. He finally gets his chance after Masaharu cancels due to work and he takes it.

Will Kaneko succeed in his evil deeds to turn Kudou Sayaka from a conservative woman into a horny slut?

Anime Detail

Japanese マリッジブルー 「婚約者がいるのに, どうしてこんな男に......」 Source Total Episode 1 Released: Mar 22, 2013 Studio Producers

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