Saimin Seishidou
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Saimin Seishidou

OVA Completed 16 min. per ep.


The main character, Tanaka Hajime, uses his hypnosis abilities to hypnotize his classmates. Due to a law passed by the government, instructions given by sex instructors are absolute. Additionally, couples have to receive instruction from the instructors before having sex or even kissing. The first couple to receive instruction is the fresh couple made up of Obata Yui and Tachibana Taiki. Taiki watches as if watching a tutorial as Tanaka kisses his girlfriend and takes her virginity.

Anime Detail

Japanese 催眠性指導 Synonyms Hypnosis Sex Guidance Source Manga Total Episode 4 Released: Feb 1, 2019 to Dec 4, 2020 Studio

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