Hime-sama Love Life! Episode 2

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Hime-sama Love Life!
Hime-sama Love Life! / Posted by streamhentai / 4 years ago
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Hime-sama Love Life!
6.70 /

Hime-sama Love Life!

OVA Ongoing 20 min.


We present you one more new hentai - "Hime-sama Love Life!". PoRo studio created this anime using the same name novel, which will tell us about the brother and sister - Yahiro and Io. These guys moved to an unfamiliar city, due to the fact that their father changed his job. After a while, the main character enters the local academy and begins to adapt to a new life. Once, he noticed a strange van near his house and thought that somebody want to rob and take out all the valuables. When he came inside the house he saw a beautiful girl who turned out to be a certain princess and wants to live with him. Have a good time and leave more comments!


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